Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Unhappiness Pill

Bitterness Within our Hearts: The Inner Journey We All Need to Undertake

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Who is unhappy?

If I was to ponder upon the question I would be an idiot, a fool. People are not always happy with things and turn of events as they are. The right way to put that question then would have been: Who is not unhappy? Either way, every human being on earth is unhappy for one reason or another: it's a much bitter pill we all have to swallow. Given that there are more than 7 billion people that inhabit the blue planet we call our home, there are just as many varied reasons why people are unhappy. I list some of my major findings below.

(Please note that owing to human nature and also to the similarities they share, many of the following appear related, from one to the other down the list. Mistakes are mine, of course.)

01. Loss (opposite to Profit) / Debt
02. Sorrow (hundreds of causes)
03. Pain/injury/torture (physical or mental)
04. Poverty (opposite to Opulence)
05. Humility/scorn/contempt/derision/mockery
06. Oppression/subordination/non-compliance
07. Slavery (hundreds of forms)
08. Exploitation (hundreds of manners)
09. Deception/accusation/cunning/knavery/guile
10. Stigmatisation (hundreds of forms)
11. Conflict/dissonance/discord/dissent/disagreement/war
12. Exclusion/social avoidance/rudeness/discourtesy
13. Unemployment
14. Depression/hopelessness/desperation/cheerlessness
15. Defeat
16. Rejection/confutation/negation
17. Dejection
18. Disability
19. Misfortune
20. Disadvantage/difficulty/adversity
21. Disaster (natural)
22. Separation (by death or otherwise)
23. Obstruction/hindrance/opposition/disturbance/deterrence/dissuasion
24. Illiteracy
25. Blindness/darkness
26. Inability
27. Suffering/injury/affliction/psychological trauma
28. Infirmity/weakness/disease
29. Injustice
30. Insanity
31. Insomnia
32. Uncertainty
33. Ageing
34. Indecision/vacillation
35. Enmity (low chances of reconciliation)
36. Irritations (trivialities: rain, heat, cold, snow, etc.)
37. Hunger/famine
38. Emptiness/despair/desolation
39. Sexual urge (unsatisfied)/celibacy
40. Threat (to life or otherwise) / robbery
41. Failure
42. The present (situational awareness)
43. Unfulfilled and unsatisfied wishes/desires/dreams/hopes
44. Stagnation (lack of progress/change)
45. Helplessness (you foresee events but are unable to change the course of their flow, for example)
46. Lack of answers (to many questions like why, who, when, where, how, what, etc.)
47. Lack of self respect (the condition and look of one's face, body, limbs, organs, etc. or the experiences one has undergone)
48. Problems (without solutions. There are many in real life that cannot be solved.)
49. Forgery/counterfeiting/spuriousness/faking/falsity
50. Fear/fright/cowardice
51. Chaos/disorder/irregularity/turbulence
52. Death
53. Imperfection/incompleteness/deficiency
54. Others (being a refugee, for example)

Do you think you have something else that can be added to this list? Please post as comments if you have anything to say or add to. Thanking you, as always...